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Dan Parker's Blind Ambition

After volunteering at a local high school machine shop, Dan Parker (shown center) wants to turn his passion for helping others into a foundation providing resources to visually impaired chidlren and adults.

Dan's Upcoming events:

May 24 – 27, 2013 Camp Abilities at the campus of Columbus State University


Blind Ambition is the name of the foundation that Dan Parker wishes to start with the hope of providing resources to children and adults who are visually impaired.

Parker, who is a fabricator and past racer, was involved in a horrible dragstrip accident on March 31, 2012, that left him with severe injuries to his right arm, a broken tailbone and crushed vertebrae in his back. Parker’s most significant injury sustained during the crash, but not realized until more than two weeks later after he awoke from a medically-induced coma, was the complete loss of his eyesight.

Along with Dan’s passion for racing, he has also developed a passion for helping others through his story as so many have reached out and helped him after his accident.

With a disability, whether trauma related or since birth, it’s typical to feel challenged to adapt in society, but through Dan’s experience he has learned to use the iPhone and iPad that were donated to him to find his independence and a connection to the outside world again. This new technology has also enabled him to do all his research for his Quest for the Salt project.

Parker had dreamed of building a Bonneville car for years, and after his accident he decided that the perfect way to move forward with the next chapter of his life would be to build and drive his own vehicle on the Utah salt flats. He’s calling his project the Quest for the Salt.

In addition to his new project, for the last few weeks Dan has been volunteering in the machine shop at Jordan Vocational High School in Columbus, Ga., which has fueled the passion for his new idea of a Blind Ambition foundation.

Twenty-five years ago, in a similar machine shop, he learned the same skills allowing him to be successful by building race cars for various customers as well as drag bikes for living legend George Bryce, owner of Star Racing in Americus, Ga., and also major sponsor for Dan’s Quest for the Salt.

In Dan’s participation at Jordan High, he saw the need of a young girl, a freshman named Crystal, who is the only person with a visual impairment at the school. She has a special teacher assigned to her that in talking to Dan suggested an iPad would benefit her a great deal with her school work.

After speaking with Crystal, Dan is confident that with a bit of training on the iPad (that will include Siri) she will excel in her school work, and that this may be a stepping stone to give her the confidence to carry her forward in other aspects of her life.

Parker is currently taking donations to help Crystal get her iPad, and before the end of the school year her teacher can train her. Once she goes back to school in the fall she will be a lot further than she would have been without this new technology to help her.

If anyone would like to donate to Crystal through Parker’s Blind Ambition, the details are below.  Thank you so much for your support and if you would like to follow Dan in his new journey in life please go to:  www.facebook.com/DanParkerQuestForTheSalt.  As the Blind Ambition foundation develops we will have a web site and additional donation information.


At any Columbus Bank & Trust

Make checks payable to: "Dan Parker Quest for the Salt"   Be sure to note “Blind Ambition.”

A PayPal account has also been set up as well:  dansblindambition@gmail.com


Mail a check to:

Dan Parker                                                                         

10692 Lee Road 179                    

Salem, AL  36874

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