Designed for stock and modified motors

• The first and only Intercooled Centrifugal Supercharger for Harley Davidsons
• Exclusive design doesn’t affect drivability, idle quality or rider position
• Easily installs in 4-6 hours with standard hand tools
• Innovative power take-off for ultimate reliability
• Featuring gear driven B-1 ProCharger Supercharger with self-contained oiling
• Patented design for quiet operation
• Very predictable and consistent power
• The most efficient supercharger available for American V-Twins
• Compact and lightweight
• Extremely durable, with 3-Year Supercharger warranty available

The Star Dyna pictured got an 80% gain in horsepower and made 110 rear wheel horse power @ 104 ft lbs of torque on our dyno.