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S&S Chain Drive Cam Kits

For 2007-Up Big Twin Engines & 2006-Up Dyna Models

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S&S® offers a variety of cam grinds for 1999-up big twin engines in both chain drive and gear drive versions. Cams that exceed the limits of the stock valve springs require the use of special high lift springs. Most S&S cams have higher lift than stock and are designed to take advantage of the extra flow of ported stock heads or S&S Super Stock® heads. Due to the high lift of these cams, S&S adjustable pushrods are recommended. Not all grinds are available in the chain drive version. To get the best performance from a performance cam installation, a high flow intake and exhaust system is also recommended.

Features & Benefits:

  • Great way to increase performance at an affordable price
  • Quick installation - reuse many stock components
  • Easy Start Cams allow stock starter to start any engine

S&S Cam Kit from Star
Racing Includes

  • Camshaft Kit (cams, gearcover gasket, cam bearings & instructions)
  • Pushrod Kit
  • Dyno tuning and custom mapping
  • Exhaust Gasket
  • Spark Plug
  • All Labor Costs
  • $1,399 or call for updated pricing


S&S® Easy Start Cams
Crank Test Video

Start any engine regardless of displacement or compression ratio with a stock starter. The new Easy Start Cams from S&S® Cycle make hard starting obsolete for 1999-up big twins.

S&S 585 Easy Start Cams

S&S 585 Easy Start Cams


The most innovative S &S product since the electric compression release system, these cams will revolutionize the starting of late model big twins. Regardless of displacement or compression ratio, a stock starter and battery will now easily turn over any engine. These cams also install just as easily as non compression release versions and require no extra parts or machining! Available in both chain drive and gear drive.

How do Easy Start Cams Work?

The heart of our Easy Start cams is a centrifugally retracted, spring loaded, compression release lobe milled into the heel of each exhaust lobe. At cranking speeds, the lobe bumps the exhaust valve open slightly during the compression stroke, making the engine much easier to turn over. Once the engine fires and reaches 800 RPM, the lobe swings out of the tappet roller path, allowing the engine to run normally and with full compression.

Features & Benefits:

  • Start any engine with a stock starter
  • Save your starter and battery
  • Reliable – tested for 10,000 starts and didn’t run the battery down
  • Automatic – no buttons to push

Custom dyno mapping for Star Racing customer after purchasing S&S 510 Cam Kit for his 2010 Ultra Classic.

Custom dyno mapping for Star Racing customer after purchasing S&S 510 Cam Kit for his 2010 Ultra Classic.
Our customer gained a whopping 17 more
hp & 16 ft. lbs. of torque!


Recommended applications for S&S Cams

475: A bolt-in replacement cam designed for riders with stock engines that want to eliminate the factory chain drive system, but are not necessarily looking for more power.

509: Designed as a bolt-in, high torque cam for 1999-'06 models. 180 psi cranking compression, no need for compression releases. For 88 CID engines with stock compression ratio. Idle-4500 rpm.

510: Designed as a bolt-in cam for 88, 95, and 96 CID engines with compression ratios below 9.7:1, it is primarily intended for use with stock, un-ported heads. 3000-5500 rpm.

551: Designed for engines with 96 to 106 CID and 9:1 to 9:9 compression this is a bolt-in cam set designed for stock or mildly modified touring bikes. 551 cams are not recommended for compression ratios of 10:1 or greater. Greatly improves low-end and midrange torque, strongest from idle-4000rpm.

557: Designed for Tri-Glide® models, this cam, with it’s short duration, produces lots of useable torque. The camshaft’s stock base circle permits the use of stock pushrods. However, we recommend S&S Quickee pushrods for easy installation. 557 camshafts are available in chain or gear driven versions. Both come with our Easy Start automatic compression release feature for quick starts. Fits all 2009-2012 Harley-Davidson®Tri-Glide® models.

570: Designed for 88 to 96 CID engines with compression ratios between 9:1 and 10:1 this cam will provide a nice power increase across the entire power band. 3200-5700 rpm.

583: Optimized for use in the Softail®/Dyna® lines, this cam makes horsepower and torque that you can feel all the way through the rpm range, making the most power right where you need it:1500–5000rpm

585: Designed for 88 to 96 CID engines with compression ratios from 9:1 to 10:1 and 100 to 111 CID engines from 9.7:1 to 10.5:1 compression. Provides massive horsepower and torque increases starting at 3000rpm and holds steady all the way to redline. 3500-6000 rpm for 88" - 96" engines and 2500-5500 for larger engines.

625: Cam set designed for 95” or larger engines with compression ratios between 10.0 and 10.75:1. 3000-6000 rpm.

640: Used in S&S T124 engines, this cam makes horsepower! Intended for engines of 95 CID or more w/compression ratios between 10.5:1 and 11.5:1. 3000-6000 rpm.

675: A high lift monster, this cam set is designed for 120” or larger engines with at least 11:1 compression ratio. 4500-6500 rpm.

Note: Stock valve springs in 1999-’04 big twin models can handle cams with valve lifts as high as .515”. Stock valve springs in 2005-up engines can accommodate valve lifts up to .590”.


S&S 585 Standard Cams

S&S 585 Standard Cams


S&S Chain Drive Cam Kits for 2007-Up Models
Cam Name
Easy Start Cam Kit
Standard Cam Kit
Note: 2006 Dyna uses 2007-up style cams


S&S Chain Drive Cam Kits for 1999-'06 Models
Cam Name
Easy Start Cam Kit
Standard Cam Kit


S&S T111 Engine

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