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S&S Engines

S&S Unassembled 124" Competition Engine with B2 Heads

For 1999-'06 Big Twins

E-mail or call 800-841-STAR for more information

S&S® 124 Challenge engines are designed specifically to compete in the 124 Challenge class of the AHDRA. They are available in unassembled form and with natural finish only, since it is assumed that aesthetic and performance modifications will be performed to prepare them for the track. They are intended for the racer who wants to take full advantage of all the modifications allowed under the 124 Challenge class rules.

Engines are available with S&S Big Fin SA-B2 Special Application cylinder heads. Builders can also choose between standard style flywheels and the new notched, "pork chopped" flywheels, which are considerably lighter for faster acceleration. Engines do not include a fuel delivery system. Order VFI separately.

T124 Challenge Engine unassembled

Fuel Systems for S&S 124

Competition Engines

S&S VFI Induction Kits

S&S VFI induction kits are available for the Magneti Marelli® and Delphi® style S&S VFI systems. Induction kits do not include VFI modules, tuned intake runners or air cleaners. These parts may be purchased separately.

Magneti Marelli Style ........... 17-5049

Delphi Style ......................... 17-5054

S&S® 124 Competition Engines for 1999-'06 Chassis
Cylinder Head Style
Flywheel Style
For 1999-'06 Chassis
S&S SA-B2 Big Fin

Call for pricing


S&S SA-B2 Big Fin
Pork Chopped
Note: Engines for 1999-'06 models include the S&S oil pump and oil filter bracket

S&S Super D Carb Kits

S&S Super D Carburetor Kits for S&S 124 Challenge engines include Super D carb, manifold, spacer block, insulator block, mounting hardware and air horn kit.

Large 2.150" Bore ............... 11-0132

Standard 1.937" Bore ......... 11-0131

Customer bikes featuring the 124" Engine



160" Billet 60° Pro Stock

 S&S pro stock engine

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