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Sovereign-Star Racing rolls the dice for a Vegas win

Sovereign-Star Racing drivers John Hall and Scotty Pollacheck are shown with Julie Bryce, daughter of Star Racing owners George and Jackie.

AMERICUS, Ga. – As the Sovereign-Star Racing team heads into the Big O Tires NHRA Nationals this weekend, they will have to fight the dry, desert air of Las Vegas to produce the needed power to compete with the top half of the Pro Stock Motorcycle field.

After falling from the No. 5 spot to No. 7 in the Countdown to the Championship, Sovereign-Star Racing driver Scotty Pollacheck is looking for consistent runs and more horsepower to gain the advantage on his fellow championship contenders.

“For us, one of the biggest goals and challenges is to close the gap between our team and the top four,” Pollacheck said. “We are continually trying to get a little faster and catch up with those guys. We know we may not necessarily become the fastest out there, but keeping up with the top four or five would be ideal at this point.”

At The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway this weekend, the team will have to battle weather conditions that are not necessarily ideal for drag racing.

“We won’t make as much power as normal,” team co-owner George Bryce said. “The trouble with Vegas is that it’s ‘halfway to Denver’ as far as the altitude. The barometer is really low which means that not much air goes into the engine and the performance will be down.

“I think we were about 50 horsepower down in Denver, and we expect to be about 20 down in Vegas. The good news, though, is that it’s the same for everyone, so you probably won’t see any records set this weekend other than specific Vegas track records.”

Although Pollacheck’s teammate, John Hall, just barely missed the cutoff for the Countdown at No. 11, he has still been joining the Sovereign-Star Racing crew as their second driver, seeking to steal points from Pollacheck’s opponents along the way.

As rookies to the NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series this year, both racers have been motivated by their own personal goals as well as those of the team to keep them going strong throughout the long season.

“Even though there are only two races left in the season, I think we’re both still ready to just get out there and compete,” Hall said. “Everything is so new to me that it’s hard to get burnt out because I’m always seeing new things and going new places. This weekend I just want to stay focused and consistent and go rounds.”

For Pollacheck, the last western swing of the circuit presents more of a hometown feel for this California and Oregon native.

“I’m really excited about the last two races because those are two of my favorites; plus they’re both closer to home. I have lots of friends coming to Vegas, so it’ll be nice to have sort of a Scotty Pollacheck cheering section. I’m still upbeat and excited about this season, and I want to finish the year off strong with those last two races,” Pollacheck.

Bryce and his Sovereign-Star Racing crew only have two more opportunities to show the results of the hard work, money and man hours that went into this season.

“All year, we’ve been getting better and better, and we’re just about to run out of time to show what we can do. So, it would be great to do our very best at end of the year,” Bryce said. “We want to go as fast as we can and continue to improve our performance compared to the field. Our No. 1 goal is to finish as high as we can in the points standings.”

The 2012 Sovereign-Star Racing Team is a partnership between Georgia-based Star Racing and the Hungarian-based Sovereign Racing Team, the 2011 UEM European Pro Stock Bike Championship Team, owned by sugar distributor Jeno Rujp.

The Sovereign-Star Racing Team would like to thank the following sponsors: Sovereign, Star Racing, S&S Cycle, Daytona Sensors, Worldwide Bearings, CP Pistons, Permatex, Americus Motorsports Complex, Who’s Up Next?, and Quality Tire.

John Hall
Scotty Pollacheck

Star Racing Fast Facts:

  • Based in Americus, Georgia
  • Six-time NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle Championships
  • 78 NHRA national event wins with nine different riders
  • Owned by George & Jackie Bryce

John Hall Fast Facts:

  • From: Hamden, Connecticut
  • Job: Real Estate Investor
  • Years in racing: 16

Sovereign Racing Team Fast Facts:

  • Based in Budapest, Hungary
  • 2011 European Championship Team with rider Jesper Thiel
  • Owned by Jeno Rujp

Scotty Pollacheck Fast Facts:

  • From: Medford, Oregon
  • Job: Owns “Quality Tire” store
  • Years in racing: 27

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