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Star Racing, Angelle Sampey Announce

Fan Sponsorship Campaign With Launch of


ATLANTA, Ga. (May 15, 2014) – Star Racing and three-time NHRA world champion Angelle Sampey are proud to announce an innovative fan sponsorship campaign designed to provide fans with unique opportunities to get closer to the action and the inner workings of the team competing in the NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle Series. During a press conference held at the Atlanta Dragway, Star Racing team owner George Bryce and team rider Sampey announced the launch of JoinTeamAngelle.com, a new website that will serve as a platform for the fan sponsorship campaign.

Through JoinTeamAngelle.com, visitors will have the opportunity to learn the latest news and behind-the-scenes perspectives from Sampey and Bryce, who will be providing blogs, YouTube videos and social media posts from the track, the shop and testing grounds. JoinTeamAngelle.com also provides the details on sponsorship opportunities that have been designed to deliver enhanced access to the team and one-of-a-kind collectables from Team Angelle and Star Racing.

“When I was asked to return to the NHRA circuit last year by George and Jackie Bryce of Star Racing, the overpowering pull that ultimately brought me back to the track was my connection with our fans. At Star Racing, we believe that the time has arrived to change the dynamics involved with funding a race team. Through this campaign, we are striving to provide our fans with opportunities to enjoy unmatched experiences,” said Sampey.

“Over my more than 40 years in racing, I’ve lost count of how many fans I’ve met who have a deep love for our sport and also have the desire to get as close as they possibly can to it. The passion people have for our sport and the support our fans continually provide for our Star Racing Team continues to amaze me,” said Bryce. “Those fans who become members of Team Angelle will have access to unique experiences that promise to bring fans closer to our team in a significant way.”

From a $50.00 membership to event sponsorships of $7,500 and above, JoinTeamAngelle.com offers a range of options which seek to provide meaningful benefits. The team has structured its sponsorship levels to place experiences within reach of fans and it has also designed the upper-level sponsorships packages with smaller and mid-sized businesses in mind.

"Through the success of this campaign, we believe that we will consistently race to the Winner's Circle and we will be in the hunt for the Championship this season,” said Sampey. “We also believe the time has arrived to give fans the opportunity to see the inner workings of a NHRA team. The packages we are offering to our fans as memberships have been designed to provide unique experiences that will take our fans behind the ropes of our race operation.”

“I’ve been in winner’s circle and held the championship trophy many times in my career, but our success this year promises to be the sweetest one of all. This year, we will have a special opportunity to share our victories in the most meaningful of ways with our fans,” said Bryce.

For more information on the fan sponsorship campaign, visitJoinTeamAngelle.com.

About Star Racing:

After more than 35 years in motorcycle drag racing, Star Racing and owner George Bryce have won six NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle championships and 80 NHRA national event wins with 10 different riders. Star Racing is a high-performance motorcycle company which also serves as a world-wide mail-order parts business, with engine building, a state-of-the-art machine shop and dyno services. To learn more, visit us at starracing.com.

Star Racing Media & Marketing Contact:Jackie Bryce. Phone:229-924-0031; E-mail:jackie@starracing.com


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