Mail Order T124

Twin Cam Thrasher

We sell improvements for the S&S Cycle T-124 Twin Cam engines.

• 1999-2016 Harley-Davidson® Touring models

• 1999-2017 Harley-Davidson® Dyna® models

Send us your heads and cylinders. We will bore the cylinders and hone to the correct size and finish.

We strive to contain the cylinder pressure that these engines produce.

We increase the power and reduce the “blow by” these big engines are known for.

Excessive crankcase pressure is from poor ring seal.

High flowing heads are important.

But, they can’t help, if you have “blow by.”

Folks spend a lot of money to get heads to flow awesome, yet buy the lowest price pistons, rings and bore jobs.





  • Heads ported & machined

  • Stainless intake & exhaust valves

  • Heavy duty springs with titanium retainers

  • Custom Star Pistons

  • Cylinders Bore and Honed

  • Star Custom Cam