T111 T-Series Long Block Engine - 2007-Up Touring Models

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This S&S 111 cubic inch T111 Long Block engine fits 2007-'16 HD touring bikes except Twin-Cooled models.

Long Block engines do not include a fuel or ignition system, so If you already have a larger throttle body and EFI tuner, they can be used with this engine.

The cylinder heads are specially machined to compensate for the longer cylinders so a stock length manifold or throttle body will fit perfectly, and the cylinder head breathers are compatible air cleaners designed for a stock engine.

Stock non programable engine management systems should not be used because they are not designed for an engine this large.

Engine features 4-1/8" stroke X 4-1/8" bore at 9.8:1 compression, S&S 585 Easy Start cams, S&S high flow oil pump and cam cover.

This engine has less compression than our high performance T124 engine, making it more tolerant of variations in fuel quality, and a better choice for heavier vehicles. Installation requires an oil line kit which must be purchased separately.

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*Notice: This engine is FACTORY ASSEMBLED. Some of our competitors, especially on eBay, offer engines that are self assembled from spare parts at a lower price. Do not take a risk on a non-factory assembled engine!