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George I want to thank you for your help and for the advice setting up my new 128 build. I love the 3/4 cam and I will be recommending your products to all my friends. I have been turning wrenches for 27 years however this is my first m8 build and thanks to you taking a little bit of your time to share a little of your knowledge with me on setup and matching parts I have built something I can be proud of and enjoy for years to come. Ben C.


My Brother and I love Star Power we've sent 4 bikes to our Friends, 2 of them came from Las Vegas .....

Something must be correct!!!!!Love you Guys..

Jesse Savoy

I was able to go out for about an hour yesterday and get on it a little bit. The power and acceleration is unreal, it’s an absolute blast to ride now.  

Thanks again to you and the team, my bikes absolutely awesome, y’all were wonderful to work with, and my bike was ready early. I couldn’t be happier.  
V/r, Spencer Seymore 


107 Thrasher Kit

2015 Street Glide

HP 80.95 to 126.85

TQ 97.59 to 125.44 

Hey George,

Everything was great, I really have no complaints.

From the day I emailed Star Racing, all the way through yesterday when I parked the bike in my garage, you guys have been nothing but amazing.

All your timelines were accurate, you kept me updated throughout the entire build, and everything you promised with the build was delivered.

One HAPPY customer! I'll be sure to pass to word around base and let people know my experience with you and your team.

Thanks again for all you guys did!



I wanted something powerful yet reliable.

I decided on an S&S T124L. However I knew that the person who would be doing the install and tune was just as IMPORTANT!

I went to the internet and Star Racing kept popping up while doing various searches.

I called and spoke to George directly and couldn’t wait to get my broken bike and new engine to him and his team.

I AM SO HAPPY!. George and his team kept me in the loop with photographs from start to finish throughout the install and explained each and every step of the way.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND George and his team at Star Racing in Americus, Georgia!.

I was very happy with my bike prior to my engine fail but now with my new S&S T124L & the Star Racing install and tune my bike is “ NASTY!!”

Call George for my cell if you want more details although I don’t really want to share them!  LOL  



Hey George,

I went on a 4 hour bike ride with 3 other riders yesterday and wanted to give you a report on the Thrasher.

There was a new Victory , a big Yamaha, and another Harley.

It seems they were all gunning for me without my knowledge.

They weren’t aware of the work you had done for me. They all got shot down pretty quick.

This thing will fly, George! I can’t tell you how much fun it was but lets just say….It sure is lonely in the front!

Take care my friend and thanks again!


2017 Milwaukee 8 CVO Upgraded to a 121 Kit

147.82 Horsepower   137.53 Torque

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